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Crafting Brand Identity and Digital Experience for a DeFi Savings Platform


Design Director


UX Designer

UI Designer 



Brand strategy 


Visual identity

Product design

UX design

Comprehensive Brand Audit

Conducted a thorough brand audit against 40 competitors to unveil intrinsic brand values and identify defining opportunities.

Establishing Brand Architecture

Built a robust brand architecture with pillars and values, serving as the foundation for Pennyworks' distinct tone and expression.

Vibrant Orange Persimmon Hue

Differentiated Pennyworks from competitors by adopting a vibrant orange persimmon shade symbolizing luck and longevity.

Sun-Inspired Logo

Designed a simplified sun logo that encapsulates new beginnings and leveling up, while seamlessly incorporating the vibrant color.

User-Centric Digital Screens

Created 200 digital screens with a focus on user intuitiveness, technical performance, and compliance with legal requirements.

Product marketing website

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