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Brand and website design for a Quebec-based public relations agency


Demystify and translate Quebecois culture for the English-speaking Canadian market


Brand Development

Website Design and Development

Developing the brand using key insights

Shared values 

Nearly two-thirds of Canadian online shoppers are prioritizing and supporting businesses that share their values. 

Be real

88% say authenticity plays an important role in choosing the brands they love and support.

Lifestyle matters

Quebecers index higher on kitchen stores, boutiques, and fashion stores than Ontario. 

Refreshed Brand

While referencing the original logo, crafted a distinct logo using Gelegar Expanded to exude stability, pride, and impactful aesthetics.

Inspired by Material Design

Infusing existing colors and brand elements with complementary colors inspired by Material Design principles to add a contemporary and vibrant touch to the overall brand palette. 

Visual Harmony 

Balanced literal images with symbolic visuals to effectively communicate services, creating a visually harmonious representation of the brand's offerings.

Accessibility Enhanced

Prioritized accessibility with AA-rating compliance, ensuring optimal contrast and text size for an inclusive and user-friendly visual experience.